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Manufacturer: Wheels Mfg

Quantity available: 3 (Usually available to ship or for in-store pickup within 2 to 4 week-days of ordering.)

Availability: Not in stock, Preorder. - Professional, shop-quality, ruler and gauge produced from anodized aluminum - Metric and Standard measurements scales run along the long edges for axle and spoke lengths - Gauges for cones and axle sizes: M9x1, M9x26tpi, M9.5 (3/8")x24tpi, M9.5 (3/8")x26tpi, M10x1, M10x26tpi - Threaded holes to measure thru axle sizes: 12x1, 12x1.25, 12x1.5, 12x1.75, 14x1.5, 15x1.5 - Overall size: 12.25" x 3" x 5"

Price: $60.43