Our Bicycle Financing is Program is Quick, Affordable, & Easy:

  1. One low fixed interest rate of 14.99%
  2. Pick any desired loan term, anywhere from 6 to 60 months
  3. Apply securely online at Firstmutualfinance.com (application link below) Use merchant ID: 1942
  4. Enter different loan amounts & months-to-pay-off online to see the monthly payment for each
  5. The application is brief and approval usually takes just 10 minutes during normal business hours (After normal business hours next business-day approval is typical.)
  6. Once approved, contact us to verify all of the details of your desired purchase (bike model, sizing, color, etc.) and to make sure that the desired bike is either in-stock, or can be ordered and completed within an acceptable time frame. 
  7. Once you have been approved and have verified the details of your bike purchase with us, we will assist you in completing the financing transaction.  For in-stock bikes or frames, the shipment (or in-store pick-up) usually can take place within just one or two business days.


(Remember to use Merchant ID 1942)