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Adrenaline Experience

Man on bikeSerious riders want their new bike to come from a serious dealer. A dealer with vast experience in the assembly and service of high-end, pro-level bikes.  Riders also want a dealer that recognizes the importance of fit and geometry-related aspects of ride performance. A shop where everyone rides. A lot. Adrenaline meets your needs: every single Adrenaline employee is a pro-level mechanic. Our current full-time staff have been in the high-end segment of the bike business an average of 15 years each. We have each assembled many thousands of high-end bikes from scratch.  The standard that Adrenaline owner Jim Lacy sets for the technical knowledge of every employee is extreme. In fact, over the last 20 plus years, Jim's former employees have gone on to become: editors at Decline, Mountain Bike, and Mountain Biking magazines, full time pro race mechanics, high-end bike shop owners, and so on.
Trust Adrenaline: a serious shop for serious riders.

Adrenaline was founded in 1999 by 35 year bicycle industry veteran Jim Lacy. Adrenaline is not your average bike shop. Here is what sets us apart:

  1. The largest titanium bike selection on earth: Over 50 models from 10 brands. Titanium bikes are our specialty.
  2. Infinite bike customization: almost every bike we sell can be customized in any way desired: Prefer a different fork, seat, or gear ratio? No problem. Want custom paint, custom-built wheels, or prefer Sram instead of Shimano? Just ask. You name it, we can probably do it.
  3. More exotic, exclusive, and hard-to-find bikes than anywhere else: over 50 bike brands, the largest selection of high-end steel bikes in the USA, a vast selection of carbon bikes, plus hundreds of high-end wheel-sets.
  4. Over 10,000 parts and accessories available, plus many brands not listed on our site: dont see it? Just ask.
  5. Famous for our technical expertise and experience:
    • Expert mechanics: Building big-buck bikes is what we do, day in and day out, each one flawlessly adjusted.
    • Custom wheels: Built to your exact specifications, perfectly tensioned and trued.
    • Custom bike fitting: We have collectively done 10,000 plus fittings over the last three decades: exact, precise, and guaranteed fits are our specialty whether in person or by phone or email.
  6. Serious but casual: With several national champions on staff over the years, we are serious enthusiasts, but you would never know it by talking to us: our notoriously friendly and non-bike-snobbish customer service sets us apart. Our motto: always treat everyone like family.
  7. Our Southern California retail store: We keep over 100 high-end bikes and over 100 high-end frames on hand at our Orange County California store. Stop in and see us if you are in the neighborhood: 366 South Tustin, Orange CA 92866. Not everything on the website is in stock: call ahead to check availability: 800-579-8932.
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