SXE tapered reducer headset, 1-1/8"/1.5"(non-tpr steer

Manufacturer: Gravity

Quantity available: 3 (Usually available to ship or for in-store pickup within 2 to 4 week-days of ordering.)

- Tapered headtube reducer headset for using a fork with standard non-tapered 1-1/8\" steerer
- Upper 1-1/8\" ZS assembly: Zero Stack semi-integrated cup, semi-cartridge bearing (44mm upper headtube ID)
- Lower 1.5\" assembly: traditional (external) 1.5\" cup with caged ball bearings (50mm lower headtube ID)
- Outermost cup diameter: 49mm upper and 55mm lower
- 22.4mm stack height
- 1-1/8\" Zero Stack (ZS) cups have a 44mm insertion-face diameter

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