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Lynskey July Promo: Up to $900 OFF build kits with selected frames

Manufacturer: Lynskey Performance

Through July, Buy any of the following Lynskey frame models at the retail prices listed, and get the following discounts off of any of our Adrenaline Full Bike Build kits: Sram Rival $489 (Regular $1400), Sram Force-22 $1389 (Reg. $1700), Sram Red-22 $2139 (Reg. $2700), Shimano Ultegra-6800 $1,189 (Reg. $1700), or Shimano Dura Ace 9000 $2,239 (Reg. $2700). Frames included in the special: Sportive, R230 or R255: $2634 each, R350: add $600, Helix: add $1325, or R450: add $2520. Complete bike prices: use the pull down menus below to compare various frame + build kit + fork price combinations. (The $3299 starting price is for a $2634 frame assembled with a Sram Rival or Shimano 105 build kit, and a Lynskey Sport carbon fork.)
Adrenaline Bikes 2014 Bike Build Kits (Scroll down to the bottom for upgrade options and pricing on bars, stems, seats, seatposts, tires, wheelsets, and headsets.) FREE pro-level assembly included with purchase of a build kit and frame! Stock sizes: unless requested otherwise, we use compact cranks (50X34), 11-27 cassettes, and 20mm of headset spacers for bike builds.

Choose from Sram Rival/Force/Red or Shimano Ultegra/Dura Ace: derailleurs, crankset, shifters, brakes, cassette, and chain. FSA Omega black handle bar, FSA OS190 black stem, FSA SL280 black seatpost. Saddle: Selle Italia Q-Bik. Wheelset: Vuelta 1570g black Corsa Lite, Panaracer Stradius 240g kevlar bead tires/tubes. (Or Conti GP 4000S +$79.) Cinelli Cork black tape. (Or white, red, blue, yellow or celeste.) Cane Creek 40 Series headset. (Or Cane Creek 110 for +$99.)

Pro-Assembly: All of our bike prices include pro-assembly. One of our highly experienced pro-bike specialist mechanics will build your bike, then test ride it in the parking lot to verify everything works flawlessly. We will then remove the rear wheel, seat post, and front stem plate for shipping. Your bike will be packed for shipment in a manner that fully eliminates any possibility of arriving to you in less than perfect condition. Once you have your new bike, simply install the front wheel, slide in the seatpost/seat, and attach the stem front plate. You will be ready to ride or race in minutes.

SIZING GUARANTEE: The selection of the correct size frame (and stem, bars, cranks..) is a crucial aspect of the road-bike buying experience. We will contact you once you have placed your order to discuss and verify the sizes of each item that you need. Once you receive your new bike, ride it for a week or two and verify that you are comfortable with your chosen stem length, bar width, and crank length. If not, you may exchange any of these items for another size, as long as they are returned in as-new condition. (As-new, meaning: unblemished in any way other than bar-tape residue, pedal installation marks on the cranks, etc.) We will then rush you the size that you desire of the item, and sell the returned item as a test-ridden item at our retail store. If desired, we will provide a full comprehensive bike fitting free with any bike purchase. We work with the sizing system from of our favorite full-custom frame builder, Moots. Just go to and print out their highly comprehensive sizing questionaire (with very detailed, easy-to-use instructions and pictures.) You will then be contacted by one of our in-house sizing specialists (Jim Lacy, owner of the company or Jesse Brunell, General Manager.) We welcome all of your questions on any and all aspects of the sizing process when you are purchasing a frame or bike from us!

Popular Upgrades (Note: there are 454 grams to a pound)
Call or email us for prices on any other parts not listed

Handle Bar Upgrades (FSA 290g Omega Compact is stock)
We use compact drop models unless you request otherwise.

+$319 Enve Carbon 199g bar (saves 91g)
+$299 Control Tech Titanium/Carbon 235g bar (saves 55g)
+$289 FSA K-Force Lite Nano Carbon 189g bar (saves 101g)
+$289 FSA K-Wing Carb. (white or blk) 228g bar (saves 62g)
+$279 Deda 35mm Super-O.S. Carbon 210g bar (saves 80g)
+$259 Ritchey Carb. Superlogic 190g bar (saves 100g)
+$279 FSA K-Force Carbon 210g bar (saves 80 grams)
+$229 Thomson Carbon 195g bar (saves 105g)
+$219 Ritchey WCS Carbon Superlogic E-C 195g (saves 95g)
+$199 Ritchey WCS Carbon Curve or Evo-Curve 220g (saves 70g)
+$ 99 Deda 35mm Super-O.S. 278g bar (saves 12g)
+$ 95 Deda Zero-100 RHM 240g bar (saves 50g)
+$ 55 FSA Wing Pro 261g bar (saves 71g)
+$ 49 Ritchey Classic Curve Silver 290g
+$ 29 Cinelli Giro D\\\\\\\'Italia 26.0 Silver
+$ 15 Ritchey Comp Curve 300g
All other handlebar brands/models: call/email for prices

Stem Upgrades (FSA 155g OS190 is stock)

+$495 Moots RSL Titanium 115g stem (saves 30 g)
+$325 Moots Open Road Titanium 135g stem (saves 20g)
+$319 Lynskey Titanium 135g stem (saves 20g)
+$269 Control Tech Titanium 123g stem (saves 32g)
+$249 Enve Composits 102g stem (saves 48 grams)
+$129 Deda 35mm white or black 129g stem (saves 26 grams)
+$125 FSA OS99 CSI Carbon 118g stem (saves 37 grams)
+$ 99 Ritchey WCS 4-Axis Carbon 130g stem (saves 25 g)
+$ 69 Ritchey WCS 4-Axis 111g (Wet white/black/red +$ 85)
+$ 69 Ritchey Classic 4-Axis 120g (saves 35 grams)
+$ 59 Deda Zero-100 126g stem (saves 29g)
+$ 59 Thomson X2 135g stem (saves 20 grams)
+$ 49 FSA SLK (Carbon face-plate) 141g stem (saves 14 grams)
+$ 29 Cinelli 1A Classic Quill 26.0 silver stem
+$ 29 Torelli Bormio High Rise 17 or 35 degree 150g stem
+$ 19 Ritchey Comp 160g (choose 6 or 30 degree)
All other stem brands/models: call/email for prices

Seatpost Upgrades (FSA 300g SL280 is stock)

+$299 Moots Cinch 230g titanium seatpost (saves 70 grams)
+$249 Enve Composits 170g seatpost (saves 130 grams)
+$249 Control Tech 239g titanium seatpost (saves 61 grams)
+$189 Ritchey Superlogic Carb. 148g seatpost (saves 152g)
+$199 Lynskey 190g titanium seatpost (saves 110 grams)
+$149 Ritchey WCS Carbon 1-Bolt 175g post (saves 125 grams)
+$149 FSA K-Force Lite Carbon 192g (saves 108 grams)
+$129 Woodman Carbo EL 125g seatpost (saves 175 grams)
+$129 Deda Drittissimo carbon 224g (saves 76 grams)
+$109 Thomson Masterpiece 158g post (saves 142 grams)
+$ 69 FSA SL-K Carbon 222g white or black (saves 78g)
+$ 69 Ritchey WCS alu. 215g black seatpost (saves 83 grams)
+$ 59 Thomson Elite 235g seatpost (saves 65 grams)
+$ 39 Ritchey Classic 245g silver seatpost (saves 55 grams)
+$ 29 Ritchey Comp 250g seatpost (saves 50 grams)
All other seatpost brands/models: call/email for prices

Seat Upgrades (Selle Italia Qbik 275g is stock)

+$299 Brooks Team Pro Special Ti rail 395g
+$169 Selle Max SLR Gelflow 270g
+$129 Ritchey WCS Streem Carbon 145g
+$125 Brooks C17 Cambium rubber/cotton-canvas top 300g
+$119 Selle An-Atomica Titanico or Titan-X 480g
+$109 Selle San Marco Regal 380g (black, white, or brown)
+$ 99 Prologo Scratch Pro Plus Ti or Nago Evo Plus Ti 249g
+$ 89 Brooks B-17 Standard (black, red, brown, blue, etc.)
+$ 89 Brooks Team Pro Classic 550g (black or honey)
+$ 89 Fizik Arione 225g (saves 50 grams)
+$ 79 Terry Butterfly Womans Titanium 255g
+$ 69 Selle San Marcos Rolls 382g (black, white, or brown)
+$ 39 Ritchey WCS CrN-Ti Streem 200g (black or white)
+$ 49 Terry Butterfly Womans 369g
+$ 39 Ritchey Pro Streem 210g
+$ 10 Ritchey Comp Contrail or Comp Streem 260g
+$ 0 WTB Speed She Womans 360g
All other seat brands/models: call/email for prices

Tire Upgrades (Panaracer Stradius 240g kevlar are stock)

+$79 Michelin Pro-3 23c 198g kevlar-bead tires in black
(or by request, blue, red, or yellow.) Saves 134g
+$79 Conti Grand Prix 4000S 23c in black 205 g (Saves 120g)
+$79 Conti Grand Prix 4000 23c 227g in black
(or by request, blue, red, or yellow.) Saves 76g
All other tire brands/models: call or email for prices

Headset Upgrades (Cane Creek 40 series black, is stock)

No charge: Woodman Axis SL Comp red, black, or blue, 108g
No charge: Velo Orange Grand Cru Silver, 110g
+$ 99 Cane Creek 110 (red, blue, black or silver) 46g
+$ 79 Campagnolo Record silver, 110g
+$ 79 Ritchey Superlogic Ti-Coated Ceramic bearing 95g
+$ 39 Ritchey WCS ti-coated angular contact brearings 97g
+$ 25 FSA Orbit MX (red, blue, black gold, or white) 98g
All other headset brands/models: call or email for prices

Bar Tape Upgrades (Cinelli Cork is standard)

+$ 22 Lizard Skins DSP 1.8 (Superlight) or 2.5 (Regular)
+$ 42 Selle An Atomica Second Skin Leather (in 5 colors)
All other tape brands/models: call/email for prices

Wheelset Upgrades. Vuelta Corsa Lite 1578 gram black are stock on most kits. (Our Sram Apex, and Shimano 105 build kits have Fulcrum-7 stock wheels. To upgrade from those two kits only, add $100 to the prices below.)

+$ 0 Vuelta Corsa Lite 1570 gram
+$ 99 Vuelta Corsa Super Lite 1499 gram (saves 79g)
+$ 199 Vuelta Team V (red hubs) 1477 gram (saves 101g)
+$ 899 Vuelta Corsa Carbon 50C 1713 gram

+ $2099 Enve SES 3.4 Clincher built/w American Classic 1453g
+ $2099 Enve SES 6.7 Clincher built/w American Classic 1593g
+ $2099 Enve SES 3.4 Clincher built/w Campy Record 1535g
+ $2099 Enve SES 6.7 Clincher built/w Campy Record 1675g
+ $2199 Enve SES 3.4 Clincher built/w White Industries 1534g
+ $2199 Enve SES 6.7 Clincher built/w White Industries 1674g
+ $2649 Enve SES 3.4 Clincher built with King hubs 1467g
+ $2649 Enve SES 6.7 Clincher built with King hubs 1586g

+$ 49 Mavic Aksium 1735g wheelset (white or black)
+$ 299 Mavic Cosmic Aero Elite 1770g
+$ 949 Mavic Cosmic Aero Carbone SLS 1695g
+$1599 Mavic Cosmic Aero Carbone SLE 1620g
+$2349 Mavic Cosmic Aero Carbone 40 1545g
+$ 249 Mavic Ksyrium Equipe 1690g wheelset
+$ 479 Mavic Ksyrium Elite 1520g wheelset (saves 50g)
+$ 799 Mavic Ksyrium SL S 1395g wheelset (saves 175g)
+$1469 Mavic Ksyrium SLR 1295g wheelset (saves 275g)
+$1149 Mavic R-Sys 1390g wheelset (saves 188g)
+$1799 Mavic R-Sys SLR 1355g wheelset (saves 215g)

+$ 269 Stans ZTR Alpha 340 Comp 1435 wheelset (saves 135g)
+$ 369 Stans ZTR Alpha 340 Team 1395 wheelset (saves 175g)
+$ 639 Stans ZTR Alpha 340 Pro 1255 wheelset (saves 315g)

+$ 199 American Classic Victory 1592g wheelset
+$ 209 American Classic TCX Heavy Duty 1838g wheelset
+$ 209 American Classic TCX Disc 1895g wheelset
+$ 279 American Classic Victory 30 1548g tubeless wheelset
+$ 479 American Classic Hurricane 1580g tubeless wheelset
+$ 479 American Classic Hurricane 1646g tubeless disc
+$ 539 American Classic Hubs, Stans ZTR Alpha 350 rims 1233g
+$ 939 American Classic Road 1219g tubeless (saves 351g)
+$ 989 American Classic Carbon 58mm 1880g wheelset
+$1039 American Classic Argent tubeless Disc 1531g wheels

+$ 49 Campy Khamsin Asymmetric G3 1760g wheelset
+$ 119 Campy Vento Asymmetric G3 1755g wheelset
+$ 219 Campy Scirroco H35 G3 1725g wheelset
+$ 509 Campy Record Hubs, Stans ZTR Alpha 350 rims 1315g
+$ 509 Campy Record Hubs, Pacenti PL23 silver rims 1475g
+$ 649 Campy Record Hubs, Hed Belgium C2 rims 1415g
+$ 589 Campy Zonda G3 2-Way Fit 1570g wheelset
+$ 849 Campy Neutron Ultra 1470g wheelset (saves 108g)
+$1099 Campy Eurus 2-Way Fit 1500g (saves 70g)
+$1249 Campy Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit 1440g set (saves 130g)
+$1249 Campy Bullet 50 Carbon 1755g
+$1549 Campy Bullet 80 Carbon 1935g
+$1949 Campy Bullet Ultra 50 Carbon 1590g
+$1999 Campy Bullet Ultra 80 Carbon 1770g
+$4299 Campy Hyperon Ultra Two Carbon 1350g (saves 220g)

+$ 769 Curtis Odom Hubs, Stans ZTR Alpha 350 rims 1470g
+$ 769 Curtis Odom Hubs, Pacenti PL23 silver rims 1570g
+$ 769 Curtis Odom Hubs, Hed Belgium C2 rims 1570g

+$ 179 Fulcrum Racing Five 1690g wheelset
+$ 279 Fulcrum Racing Quattro Aero 1555g wheelset
+$ 579 Fulcrum Racing Three 2-Way Fit 1595g wheelset
+$ 899 Fulcrum Racing One 1485g wheelset (saves 93g)
+$ 949 Fulcrum Racing One 2-Way Fit 1505g set (saves 65g)
+$1149 Fulcrum Racing Zero 1435g wheelset (saves 135g)
+$1299 Fulcrum Zero 2-Way Fit 1460g wheelset (saves 110g)

+$1139 Reynolds Attack Carbon 1365g wheelset (saves 205g)
+$1349 Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon 1475g set (saves 95g)
+$1549 Reynolds Strike SLG Carbon 1635g wheelset

+$ 499 Ritchey WCS Zeta II 1444g wheelset (saves 126g)
+$1189 Ritchey WCS Carbon 46 1526g wheelset

+$ 639 Rolf Prima Elan 1325g wheelset (saves 245g)
+$ 639 Rolf Prima Vigor Aero 1485g wheelset (saves 85g)
+$ 839 Rolf Prima Elan-A Ceramic 1315g set (saves 255g)
+$ 839 Rolf Prima Vigor-A Ceramic 1450g set (saves 120g)
+$1739 Rolf Prima Area 40 Carbon 1375g set (saves 195g)
+$1739 Rolf Prima Ares 60 Carbon 1560g wheelset
+$1939 Rolf Prima Ares 80 Carbon 1790g wheelset

+$ 259 Shimano XT hubs with Stans ZTR Alpha Disc rims 1410g
+$ 319 Shimano Ultegra 6800 Road tubeless 1640g wheelset
+$ 609 Dura Ace Hubs, Stans ZTR Alpha 350 rims 1325g
+$ 609 Dura Ace Hubs, Pacenti PL23 silver rims 1485g
+$ 749 Dura Ace Hubs, Hed Belgium C2 rims 1425g
+$ 799 Shimano Dura Ace C24-CL tubeless 1364g (saves 116g)
+$1599 Shimano Dura Ace C35-CL tubeless 1488g wheelset
+$1799 Shimano Dura Ace C50-CL tubeless 1672g wheelset

+$ 899 Vision Trimax T42 carbon 1720g wheelset

+$ 599 White Ind. T11 Hubs, Stans ZTR Alpha 350 rims 1314g
+$ 599 White Ind. T11 Hubs, Pacenti PL23 silver rims 1474g
+$ 599 White Ind. Disc Hubs, ZTR Alpha Disc rims 1611g
+$ 739 White Ind. T11 Hubs, Hed Belgium C2 rims 1414g

All other wheelset brands/models: call or email for prices

About Adrenaline Bikes: Adrenaline was founded in 1999 by 30 year bicycle industry veteran Jim Lacy, and is managed by Jesse Brunell. Adrenaline is not your average bike shop. Here is what sets us apart:

1. The largest bike selection anywhere: Over 1000 models from 60 bike brands, over twice as many as our next largest online competitor.

2. The largest titanium bike selection on earth: Over 50 models from 10 brands. Titanium bikes are our specialty.

3. Infinite bike customization: almost every bike we sell can be customized in any way desired: Prefer a different fork, seat, or gear ratio? No problem. Want custom paint, custom-built wheels, or prefer Sram instead of Shimano? Just ask. You name it, we can probably do it.

5. More exotic, unusual, and hard-to-find bikes than anywhere else: Replica 1800s-era bikes, bikes with 650B or 69er sized wheels, pro-level downhill bikes, high-end steel bikes, cyclocross, timetrial/triathalon, & much more.

6. Over 10,000 parts and accessories available, plus many brands not listed on our site: dont see it? Just ask.

7. Famous for our technical expertise and experience:
Expert mechanics: Building big-buck bikes is what we do, day in and day out, each one flawlessly adjusted.
Custom wheels: Built to your exact specifications, perfectly tensioned and trued, featuring master wheel builder Matthew Alloy. Custom bike fitting: We (owner Jim, manager Jesse, and fit-techs David and Matt) have collectively done 10,000 plus fittings over the decades: exact, precise, and guaranteed fits are our specialty whether in person or by phone/email.

8. Serious but casual: With former national champions on staff, we are serious enthusiasts, but you would never know it by talking to us: our notoriously friendly and non-bike-snobbish customer service sets us apart from the rest. Our motto: always treat everyone like family.

9. Our Southern California retail store: We usually keep 100 (mostly high-end) bikes and frames on hand at our Orange County California store. Stop in and see us if you are in the neighborhood: 366 South Tustin, Orange CA 92866. Not everything on the website is in stock: call ahead to check availability: 800-579-8932.

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All items purchased from us (except for some bicycles, see below), may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of the date the item was received. Returns must be in resellable-as-new condition. Some bicycles (for instance, ones with custom paint, custom frame sizing, or in unusual sizes or custom component build specifications) may not be eligible for a refund but if returned in new condition within 30 days of of the date that the bike was received by you, they can be exchanged for a full purchase-price credit toward any other bicycle that we sell. All bicycle returns require a call or email to us first, so that we can provide detailed packing instructions in order to insure that the bike will not be damaged in shipping.